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Cindy DuprayCindy DuprayCindy Dupray has been practicing criminal and traffic law for nineteen years. Seven of those years she was a prosecutor for Prince William County and later a part time prosecutor for the Town of Haymarket and the City of Manassas Park. Read More>>


Michael DavisMichael DavisMichael practices in all areas of criminal and traffic defense and has litigated cases throughout Northern Virginia and the Tidewater area of Virginia in both State and Federal courts. Read More>>

David BoyceDavid BoyceCombining his experience in civil litigation and his comfort in the courtroom with his ability to successfully handle criminal cases ranging from reckless driving to drug and gun felonies, Mr. Boyce is uniquely situated to resolve the problems facing his clients Read More>>

Welcome To Boone Beale

THANK YOU for browsing our website. Boone Beale's team approach in handling cases utilizes over 100 years of combined experience we have in analyzing the specifics of your case. In addition, our attorneys have handled hundreds of jury trials and thousands of bench trials.

Our law firm has successfully handled thousands of criminal, white-collar, DUI/DWI and traffic offenses. Our legal expertise encompasses a broad range of offenses, including murder or lesser charges such as manslaughter; drug crimes, from simple possession to distribution; Sexual offenses, including rape, sexual battery; armed robbery; breaking and entering; malicious wounding; all types of white-collar fraud, from simple credit card theft to sophisticated, multi-million dollar computer, securities, health care, and tax fraud; assault and battery; driving offenses, including DUI/DWI, vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license or simple speeding.

More importantly, due to our creative and zealous advocacy, we have not only been able to successfully prevent countless individuals from being charged with a crime, but have also overturned various convictions either on appeal or by attacking the merits of the conviction through habeas corpus proceedings.

Please browse our website for answers to your general questions about choosing the right attorney to defend your rights. We offer FREE consultations for criminal, white-collar, traffic and personal injury cases. Please contact us at one of our offices nearest to you to discuss the specifics of your case.


You know that those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Virginia undergo great hardships including scrutiny from the public. But depending on your case, you may not have to be one of them. Don't just hire a DUI defense attorney that will plead you guilty, hire a DUI defense attorney that will fight for you. With an experienced and skilled Virginia drunk driving defense attorney who specializes in the defense of those accused of drinking and driving, you may have a winning chance in court.



Flashing red lights. Handcuffs. People pointing and watching your every move. When you or someone you love is arrested for a criminal offense in Virginia, it's hard not to keep replaying these images in your head. The sad truth is that even if the case ends up being dismissed or the charges against you are dropped, you'll never forget the criminal arrest. But even during this time of despair, there is a place you can turn to for help. The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Boone Beale know what you are going through.



Just a short time ago, you were pulled over and received a traffic ticket or moving violation. The problem: the officer said that you did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. You were frustrated because there were no other cars in sight, you looked both ways and you thought you came to a stop. You considered the officer to be nitpicky, but you took the ticket and were cordial. Now you can pay the ticket and move on, right? Wrong! What the officer, prosecuting attorney, and judge will fail to tell you is that plea bargaining is the rule of thumb to resolve these matters.



At Boone Beale, we proudly represent both corporate and individual clients in all fifty states within the United States and around the world. Our portfolio of services includes employment, business and family based immigration, and related administrative and regulatory compliance matters. Our attorneys are always up to date with the constantly changing body of immigration laws, regulations and agency guidance. Please feel free to call us for a consultation regarding your immigration matters.